Thursday, September 13, 2012

two left feet...

instructor one: "I think your footwork has become more relaxed, and you're mixing traditional form with a looser boxing form... i like it."
instructor two: "Your footwork during technique is good, but your traditional stance exercises are sloppy."


  1. Contradicting instructions are a fact of life, I think. As with most things, play with them and make them your own. Don't neglect the tradition for the new work you have been doing, I think that is the key.

  2. Sounds normal.... :)

    We run into this with the stances in karate vs kobudo vs application. The length and width of kobudo stances change depending on the weapon. Sometimes it is hard to make the switch from a karate stance to kobudo and vice versa. When we practice application, the stances are more natural. Learning different stances allows for us to be comfortable working a wide range of footwork.