Monday, November 19, 2012

movin' on up...

One of the largest condo structures in Canada is set to be built in Toronto and it is chalk-full of amenities. It has rooftop gardens, humidors, pools, basketball courts etc. etc. Oh yeah, and it's very own Mixed Martial Arts room.
Through my work, I talked to the architect about it. It seems that he's a pretty cool guy.
He said he thought it would be a good thing to add, to go with the fitness rooms, a spot for kids and adults to work out and even bring in a trainer if they wanted.
Hmm. Sounds good. Especially in eliminating those cold winter walks to the dojo during a Toronto February snow storm.
But what strikes me isn't the fact that he thought of it; and that it's a neat idea; but that the developer thinks it's a good selling point for the condos.
I guess MMA is that big!
Anyway, I don't have the $300,000 (to start) to pick out a condo at the moment--which would be, after all, a rather large membership fee.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

dropping the hands.. clip that works

i'm really not into the ufc these days.... this one was on tv though, and is a good lesson--by a fighter who knows better--of why you should keep your hands up at all times... even on a low leg kick...
new clip here