Thursday, September 6, 2012

coloured leaves and thoughts on stuff

the leaves are already showing glimpses of colour; the air is cooler at night. it's hard to believe, for me, that i took more than an entire month off training. it was more work-related than summer-sun-related--although that's been nice, too. however, now I am ready.
what did the month off teach me? well, it taught me what life is like without bruises. it taught me how quickly time can go, and how easy it is to let things slide when you are on autopilot.
oh well.
as for my thoughts, budo-wise, i've been largely musing over the idea of closing distances; neutralizing strikes (punches and kicks); and overcoming strong grappling skills.
so basically, nothing has changed. 
i'm also pondering the notion of using initial distance (an instinctual reaction, often, to an attack) as a means to break the flow of the opponent's assault. huh? what? i guess i mean how to turn that first instinct to step back into something good.
i'll flesh out these thoughts more in the near future.

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