Tuesday, May 22, 2012

despite my moodiness, this past week has provided some good classes to give me thought. one class was very physically demanding, yet playful. sparring, grappling, striking. i just had a good time and approached it like a child who wants to muck it up and enjoy himself. it had a lightness about it, yet at the end i was fatigued--in a good way.
 lesson acquired: don't forget to play.
 the other class, just as valuable, sharply contrasted the aforementioned. two students and Sensei, just talking for two hours. not a bead of perspiration; not a strike thrown or kata performed (kata overload is one of my major reasons for my  burning out lately, perhaps i'll blog about that another time, as i do think kata is eating away at my very soul). the conversation in itself wasn't specifically enlightening, yet it is an aspect of  training that my sensei feels has been lost in many dojos. in my experience, he may be right.
lesson acquired: kata stinks conversation is good.
we'll see what this week brings.

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  1. jc - I would be greatly interested to read about your kata-induced burnout. I know as my own school adopts additional kata from other sources it is a constant drain and sometimes downright pain to try to keep up with everything.