Monday, September 26, 2011

the sidelines...

Now comes the self-pity, irritation and dismay. Now comes the, "I don't want to reflect anymore, I want to train."
But my leg still hurts. I hobble and cringe every few steps. There is, however, improvement. It's slow, but it's there.
And now my silver lining is this: that it's not a lot worse. I've suffered several kinds of long-term pain in my life, and I am glad this injury is temporary and relatively minor. And it's only been a week, after all.
But the challenge with injuries like this is to not prolong the pain by getting eager and hitting the mats prematurely. The second injury is usually worse than the original.
So back to being patient. Or trying to be.
Here's a good post by Sensei Strange regarding sitting on the sidelines:


  1. I have been watching lots of martial arts you tube. I might buy a balisong to train my left hand with.

    It sucks bro, I know.

    Sometimes training IS not training.

  2. Focus on your recovery, JC. Keep strong. This is perhaps one of the slowest tests you will endure. But isn't that the primary lesson and goal of the martial arts - endure and do what others cannot. Hang in there, everyone is rooting for you.