Sunday, October 17, 2010

side effects: programmed reactions

I notice many quirky things I do on a day-to-day basis because of my training. Here are some of the highlights:

- I turn to look at things in cat stance (eg. if i turn in a grocery store to look at the shelf behind me i rotate in this high defensive stance)

- I often answer "Hai" instead of "Yes" when people ask me questions

- I have to stop myself from bowing when I enter or leave a room

- If i am carrying a butter knife from the drawer to my plate of toast I conceal the blade alongside my forearm (boy, is the bread surprised!)

- When i reach out to do something, say open a curtain or whatever, I automatically tuck my thumbs in or alongside my index finger so neither one is in danger of being grabbed or broken

- When I am in pain from a non-martial arts scenario, like a dentist's needle, I tap to make the discomfort stop

And I am sure there are many more. One just hopes the practical aspects of the art are as successfully programmed....


  1. This reminded me of watching the Tour de France on TV with my brother one time. Both of us are long time bike racers. One of the camera motor bikes was following a guy really closely into a slippery corner. The camera angle made the perspective much like following on a bike. Well, long story short… dude on the bike fell and both my brother and I swerved in our seats to avoid him.

  2. Great post. Laughed out loud at some of the points.

  3. Hilarious! As for my experience in martial arts and living in Japan, I also answer "hai", bow in and out of rooms, and definitely do the butter knife hidden behind the arm! I have to say I'm accumulating a bunch more like the funny sounds Japanese make in conversation that aren't words, and raising my hand like a chop to part crowds or excuse myself. One martial habit is that whenever I turn a corner next to a wall, I slam my palm into it like it was a groin. Good stuff.