Friday, October 22, 2010

really...? it's gone....?

I just worked on a post for a good deal of time and then lost it.
I am not ready to re-write it.
It was about No-Mind becoming All-Mind.
Now I have Annoyed-Mind; Lack-of-Faith-in-Technology-Mind.
Soon I will have That’s-OK-Mind, followed by Lesson-In-Patience-Mind.


  1. Wow, I f#$&^%g hate it when that happens. Ganbare

  2. A draft of your post should be saved on your site.

    When you log in, select Edit Posts under this blog title. A list of all your posts, including drafts, should pop up.

    Find the one you thought you lost, select Edit, and you should be able to pick up from the point where it was auto-saved the last time. Drafts are auto-saved frequently... so you probably didn't lose too much.

    Hope that helps you too, Zacky.