Saturday, January 5, 2013

A cold January evening...

Sitting here tonight, looking out the window at newly fallen snow, my mind leads me to places I have been over the past year. It was more eventful than I thought; I trained with some good people who I can definately call my friends.
A highlight was a wickedly hot summertime seminar. I was too broke to go. I said I wasn't going to make it. But my buddy decided I was meant to go and paid my way. It ended up being mind blowing, and it, to this day, has expanded my mind in countless ways when it comes to martial arts. I took part in classes on close quarter clinch work, traditional swords, traditional karate, chi work, joint locks, and a really horrible bo form. (I find it amusing now... in a way). It was so damn hot I can hardly describe it now, sitting, as I said, amid the frost of a January night in the north.
Then there was a seminar on come-along techniques. Good stuff, although I questioned at the time ever having to use any of it, that is, until I was in the pub afterwards and some guy--drunk--refused to leave the place after being asked many times by the lone female bartender. Oh crap, I thought to myself. What are the chances... is this a test? Really? (As it turned out the guy finally left on his own accord, and I received no post-seminar review... phew!).
But mostly the year was about the insight attained at regular classes. A lot of hours and a lot of work. While sometimes I felt like my wheels were just spinning in the mud, I think if I am honest with myself I can consider it to have been a solid year of training and honing my technique. And the friendships, as I mentioned above, are always key.
As for resolutions.... I don't think I'll make any formal obligations. I just look forward to the little insights and improvements that I hope to achieve in the upcoming months. The good classes and/or seminars; the further understanding of an old technique or the discovery of a new one.
Who's to say what's to happen, really...?


  1. JC, this post hit a chord with me and I find it inspiring. The imagery of you, sitting, looking out on a cold winter night, snow falling, alone in a dojo after having done some solo practice long after people have left... excellent!

    The seminar you describe sounds interesting, and the addition to your regular syllabus was doubly stimulating because you were engaged mentally with the material.

    As for the come-alongs, it seems that life is perhaps the test we all face?

    I agree with your decision not to make formal obligations and resolutions. Make them to yourself as you need them and get them done. The way is in the training, as always.

    You make me wish I could train with you...

    Cheers and Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks for the kind words...

  3. I too sit inside looking at the snow, and I can't even remember what it was like to be so unbelievably uncomfortably hot in summer! Crazy stuff.

    Glad to hear you didn't intervene in the bar. I've been in similar situations, but have never actually made that fateful stand ... thankfully I think. I don't know. We don't know! Great post! Happy New Year. Looking forward to more insightful posts.

  4. Happy New Year.

    I was debating whether I wanted to attend class tonight. I had at least three reasons/excuses why I couldn't spare the time. My personal life and work obligations have sidelined my training. It is time for me to resume regular training.

    Great post!