Monday, November 19, 2012

movin' on up...

One of the largest condo structures in Canada is set to be built in Toronto and it is chalk-full of amenities. It has rooftop gardens, humidors, pools, basketball courts etc. etc. Oh yeah, and it's very own Mixed Martial Arts room.
Through my work, I talked to the architect about it. It seems that he's a pretty cool guy.
He said he thought it would be a good thing to add, to go with the fitness rooms, a spot for kids and adults to work out and even bring in a trainer if they wanted.
Hmm. Sounds good. Especially in eliminating those cold winter walks to the dojo during a Toronto February snow storm.
But what strikes me isn't the fact that he thought of it; and that it's a neat idea; but that the developer thinks it's a good selling point for the condos.
I guess MMA is that big!
Anyway, I don't have the $300,000 (to start) to pick out a condo at the moment--which would be, after all, a rather large membership fee.


  1. SOLD! A mixed martial arts space. Will it be a place for people to train for cage fights? Or a place where people practice various kinds of martial arts? Maybe they should just make it a bar.

  2. i think a place to practice various martial arts, but the bar idea sounds good :)

  3. Wow, I'm surprised as well that the MMA room became part of the sales offerings. That will be nice for martial artists of any variety as those kinds of usable spaces (conveniently located) can be hard to come by.