Friday, February 17, 2012

stagnation vs. time away

Luckily, my stagnation in blogging this month has not been mirrored in other areas of my life such as martial arts. Truth be told, I haven't had access to any form of computer technology at home. However, I am settling in to a new routine in a more public environment that seems to be working for me. Hopefully, it will keep me from being a total hermit this winter, as I am fighting the desire to curl up in a ball and wait for the spring weather to arrive. It's strange for me, since this has been the warmest winter I can remember in my entire life. But it is damp; I've become recently unemployed for the first time in almost a decade; and I'm a bit anti-social. (Except online).
My isolation, though, has produced peace of mind in many unexpected ways, including a lack of mainstream media influence in my life. Quite frankly, not being exposed to radio news feeds, constant advertising campaigns on the street, and TV clips of "wars and rumours of war" has had a purifying aspect in my life. Ignorance, albeit for a little while, has been blissful (if not sustainable). I know the world won't go away, nor can problems be ignored forever, but a small break from the madness has been welcome.
And hopefully writing again will help keep me grounded a bit--and get me physically and mentally out into the world again. As well as being on the mats each time I go to class.
But I will continue to indulge in a little bit of winter hibernation, even if it's just manifested in a bit more media ignorance.


  1. I got laid off a couple of years ago, and it was one of the best things to happen to me.

    I was only actually unemployed for about a month, but went through many changes job wise. I'm making about 90% of what I used to make but enjoy earning it a whole lot more.

    I've also lost over 30 lbs.

  2. thanks for the encouragment...

  3. While this is doubtless a bit of a trying situation for you, it seems you have put the positive forward. Winter won't last forever.