Monday, January 2, 2012

Defensive drills...

I spend too much time dwelling on how good my offence is. That is, in my mind, I focus on progression in terms of how successful my attacks would be in a specific situation.
Funny, since I practice a defensive form of jiu-jitsu. So, I've decided I need to spend more mental time on understanding my level of defense, and understanding the progression of my skills in this respect.
It reminds me of a couple of drills I have done in the past. One is setting up a sparring situation where one person can strike, and the other may only defend. This exercise can hone one's defensive skills and boost your confidence when it comes to evading attacks. You will also find many openings you might normally have overlooked due to utilizing extra patience. Both blocking and footwork will be crucial.
The second drill is almost the same as the first. However, the defender sets up a "wall" or "fence" with his/her hands held high in a defensive position. While your partner throws light and varied strikes, you must keep your hands in the same continuous position (think boxing), blocking strikes by footwork and torso movement alone. Surprisingly, a small percentage of strikes actually get through. This exercise also boosts defensive confidence and teaches economy of movement.
Taking away the attack refocuses your thinking process, and in my case, brings me back to the gentle art of defense.

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  1. Here is a seed.

    Your opponents technique IS your technique.

    For me this has been the essence of defense. There is a weird window right before any technique comes to fruition that it is counterable...and it makes a beautiful technique in return.

    I recommend investing in loss. Feel the technique of the opponent over and over, then the windows become obvious.