Saturday, August 13, 2011


Intuition needs to be exercised and developed like any other aspect of training.
When we spend too much time breaking down techniques, analyzing details etc., a partial atrophy of intuitiveness can take place. I think technique is a tool of intuition, not the other way around (or at least it's equal).
In this way, perhaps, no mind can be looked upon as a link to intuitive mind. An open gate to the flow of emotive power; an over-riding of gut feeling over the analytical.
But how is it practiced? Perhaps just by listening to it on a regular basis. Not just in a martial arts perspective, but in daily life situations. By quieting the part of the brain that keeps nagging you with too much data regarding outcome and probability. Intuition, tied to instinct, can save you from hesitation. And hesitation in daily life can be as damaging as hesitation in self-defense.
Of course, there is time for intellect. No one should argue this fact. It's just that most of us practice this on a regular basis, while the other aspects often get silenced by the voice of "reason."


  1. Zhan Zhuang is a good exercise.

  2. Great post, J.C.

    I enjoy breaking down techniques, but there are also times when you just 'feel' them. There may very well be a scientific breakdown when you become one with your opponent, accepting their energy and redirecting or turning in back on themselves, but I'm not always sure it matters, as long as you can do it.

    We can very easily over-analyze things, sometimes so much so that it interferes with actually doing them.

    "Technique is a tool of intuition"

    Very insightful.

  3. Good reminder about intuition in daily life.

    The following happend when my daughter was seven. I was teaching in the dojo. My husband was home and in the house. My daughter had a friend over to play. I got this nagging feeling to check on my daughter. I was leading a class and I kept husband is supervising next door...everything is fine.

    I was wrong. I should have listened to my instincts and checked on my daughter. I found out later my daughter decided it would be "fun" to open a 2nd floor window and sit on the porch roof. We were fortunate she was not injured.

    From that day forward, I promised myself that I would listen to my gut feelings.

  4. michele- powerful lesson.
    journeyman-- intuitive science?
    Rick - i have looked a bit more into Z Z. (not the band). looks intriguing.