Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four good shots...

If you ever want to fully understand the concept of no effort, just go golfing with any decent-scoring senior citizen.

Yesterday, I was invited by two friends to join them in a charity tournament along with my father. Both men were in their 70s, and were former club champs.

Says one:

"In the old days, I could reach this green with a driver and a six iron, now it takes me four good shots."

The result, however, was not so shabby. Four shots. One putt. And a par.

All the swings were effortless, down the fairway, and in a comfortable spot to set up the next shot.

Me, I crunched several balls. And it felt great. But I also had several moments where my control was lost, and the strokes began to add up.

"Just swing a touch slower," says the other friend.

And I did.

And, of course, it worked.

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  1. Haha. I am convinced that the older you get, the more subtle and effective one gets.

    Beware of Tai Chi practitioners, for they are sneaky and quick to wallop you. :)