Sunday, February 6, 2011


When I was much younger I did an experiment of intention.

I cleared my mind prior to lifting a full, multi-litre water jug and imagined the object to be extremely heavy as if full of concrete. Grunting, I lifted it with my weak arm a few inches off the ground.

I, then, cleared my mind again, and thought of the jug as being empty. With the same arm, I lifted the container up to my waist with ease.

Another experiment is the following: Sitting in a chair, slow your breathing until you are very relaxed. Go through each part of your body, from your toes to your eyelids, consciously telling each and every muscle to loosen and unwind. Breathe more.... even slower. After several minutes, imagine two helium balloons attached to each wrist, and ever-so-slowly, as you breathe, visualize the balloons slowly rising into the air, inch by inch. The process will take several minutes, if done correctly, but by the end you will find your arms have been raised up over your head without any direct signals from your ego-brain.

You have just hypnotized yourself.

Now, on a heavy bag, imagine the target is soft and that your leg is full of qi energy. Loosen your muscles and unhinge the joints so you can visualize the energy move like a whip.

Regardless of why, or how, it will somehow feel better.... stronger..... and easier.
Now, have you just hypnotized yourself, or have you just allowed your energy to behave how it really is?

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  1. Wow, right on. One of my teachers like to show people how you can use the mind to make yourself much more rooted, and more difficult to push or pick up. He mentioned an interesting idea of correlating these physical feelings with word association. If you say "root" everytime you focus to get into your root ... does it allow you to root more??? Interesting stuff.