Friday, November 5, 2010

Training Through The Slump

Journeyman recently discussed the importance of being able to take a hit while training. It happens, unintentionally, and makes you a better student in many ways (I can safely say I know what the following attacks feel like: an elbow to the hip bone, a front kick to the lower abdomen, a spinning backfist to the nose, and a choke that makes you gag and almost pass out from dizziness.)
Anyway, read his post for more.
This concept made me think of a class I recently had where I felt a bit down on my progress. This happens in life, so I guess it makes sense it happens in the dojo as well. We get worn down, sore, sloppy, confused, impatient.
But taking a hit is important. Right?
I suppose these moments give one much to think about, and lead to a better student in the end. I was taking a hit, mentally, and it can suck just as much as a bloody nose.
Sometimes more.

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  1. I have been in a karate slump since the summer. I keep thinking (hoping) will pass. I am trying to push my way through it.

    It definitely feels like I took a hit mentally. It is taking much longer to heal than a bloody nose.