Friday, August 6, 2010

stepping back

Just like that.... an entire month without training. No injuries, no travel plans. Just no training.
At first, when the dojo closed, this seemed like an opportunity to explore some other styles and take in some different venues to sharpen my budo senses. Then, it became a welcome hiatus in which i would attempt to heal my body's various pains and discomforts. But my plan, now, is to use the month for one main thing: To think.
This month, for me, without the physical application of jiujitsu will be a great opportunity to step back from the whirlwind of classes and focus on what I, myself, would like to improve over the next few months. What are my weaknesses right now? How can I build on strengths and become more adaptable? Is there something my body and/or mind is trying to tell me but I am moving too fast to consider?

Anyway, maybe i'm just attempting to make an undesirable situation seem better in my mind. That's fine. But I shall think hard nonetheless.


  1. Sometimes a forced break can re-invigorate you in a bunch of ways. At first, I felt sort of agitated not being able to go. My ideas for blog posts seemed to dry up without fresh fodder from the mats. I started looking for seminars or a friendly dojo to train in temporarily.

    Lately, I seem to have come to terms with the hiatus. My mind is now active on all things martial. I'm writing blog ideas on post-it notes as they're coming so fast I don't want to forget. I'm taking some time to examine my own strengths and weaknesses and focusing in on what I hope to get from my training when it resumes. I already have a slew of things I want to work on and discuss.

    And slowly, my nagging injuries are beginning to heal (fingers crossed).

    I doubt these benefits would be realized if it was a self imposed layoff, although sometimes they are needed as well.

    I believe that I'll return to training refreshed and from a slightly different place mentally and spiritually. So maybe this is a good thing. Then again, if Sensei were to call and resume class, I'd be the first one through the door...idle hands...

  2. After a break of two weeks from my Aikido class, I have certainly benefited from the hiatus. Reinvigorated enthusiasm, thoughts processed, etc.

    For a guy like you who seems predispositioned to the more internal shades of the martial arts, I wonder how much practicing a small amount of zazen would effect your training ... if you don't already have a similar practice that is.