Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So often, it seems, humility goes hand-in-hand with progression.
When a weakness is accepted, it can then be fixed and built upon. Personally, I get frustrated when I don’t pick up a new technique quickly. Even worse, is when a bad habit emerges while doing a technique I thought I knew inside-out.
In my experience to date, humility is the only solution. If I really want to execute the technique correctly, I figure, I have to admit to myself there is a weakness to be fixed.
And believe me, I always find plenty to keep me busy.
Says Ueshiba: "Failure is the key to success..."


  1. Lowry Sensei told me in a phone conversation that Budo is a Zen art, because every time you take to the mat you regain the beginners mind. You always find a problem that takes you right back to a beginning.

  2. I printed out your post to share with the dojo. Thanks for sharing.